VIRTTU Biologics to Present Interim Clinical Study Results at IMIG 2016 in Birmingham, UK

27th April 2016: VIRTTU Biologics is pleased to announce that it will be presenting interim results from its ongoing sponsored Phase I/IIa clinical trial of SEPREHVIR (HSV1716) in mesothelioma at iMig 2016, 1-4th May 2016 in Birmingham, UK.

iMig 2016 is the latest biennial meeting of the International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMig),  an independent international group of scientists and clinicians working to understand, cure and prevent mesothelioma.   VIRTTU is delighted to be presenting the exciting interim results from its Phase I/IIa study in mesothelioma at this dedicated disease-focused meeting.

Two talks will be given by Dr Kevin Blyth, the principal investigator for the study at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow:

On Monday 2nd May 2016, Dr Blyth will present his first  talk entitled "Immune Responses following Intrapleural Administration of Oncolytic HSV1716 in Patients with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma" at the Conference’s mini-symposium on Cell and Vaccine Based Therapies.

Location: Hall 9, International Convention Centre Birmingham, UK

Date and Time: Monday 2nd May 2016, 2.15pm - 3.45pm

On Tuesday 3rd May 2016,  Dr Blyth will present his second  talk entitled "Oncolytic Herpesvirus Therapy for Mesothelioma - a Phase I/IIa Trial of Intrapleural HSV1716 (NCT01721018)" at the Conference’s mini-symposium on Novel Targets Entering the Clinic.

Location: Hall 9, International Convention Centre Birmingham, UK

Date and Time: Tuesday 3rd May 2016, 2.15pm - 3.45pm

About VIRTTU Biologics

VIRTTU’s lead oncolytic product SEPREHVIR® has been administered to 98 patients ranging from 8 to 84 years with many different types of cancer including brain, melanoma, head and neck cancer, sarcomas, neuroblastoma and mesothelioma (a devastating lung cancer associated with asbestos exposure).  In these patients, SEPREHVIR can be administered by the route most suitable for their disease which includes systemic administration by intravenous infusion, direct intratumoral injection, and loco-regional infusion.  SEPREHVIR, which the company is interested in partnering for further development, is the first product from an active oncolytic immunotherapy platform technology.

VIRTTU's pipeline also includes new generation oncolytic immunotherapeutics. Our expert scientists have developed novel SEPREHVIR backbones with improved cancer cell killing and enhanced immune stimulation using a proprietary engineering system that streamlines their production.

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