VIRTTU Biologics secures European Patent for next generation oncolytic immunotherapy candidate

February 9, 2016 – Virttu Biologics, a biopharmaceutical company pioneering the discovery and development of oncolytic immunotherapy for treating cancer, today announced that the European Patent Office has granted its application for a next generation oncolytic immunotherapy candidate developed from its proprietary SEPREHVEC technology platform.

European Patent EP 2,114,420 describes work conducted by Virttu Biologics in developing a next generation oncolytic virus termed HSV1716/ING4 which incorporates the sequence for human “Inhibitor of new growth 4” into the genome of the oncolytic virus backbone.    ING4 acts as a tumor suppressor gene and may be implicated in disrupting tumor angiogenesis.    Virttu’s SEPREHVEC candidates are multifunctional agents that combine targeted replication in tumor cells with localised intratumoral expression of transgenes such as ING4.

Virttu CSO Dr Joe Conner stated:

“HSV1716/ING4 is a promising clinical candidate showing exceptional efficacy in our model systems and this latest decision of the European Patent Office adds to the granted patents already obtained in other important markets.    SEPREHVEC is an exciting platform technology for Virttu which combines multiple anti-tumor modalities with our oncolytic virus to create novel immunotherapeutic single agents.     This candidate is one of many being developed by Virttu Biologics and we continue to strengthen our patent estate and non-clinical data package.”


About VIRTTU Biologics

VIRTTU’s lead oncolytic product SEPREHVIR® has been administered to over 90 patients ranging from 8 to 84 years with many different types of cancer including brain, melanoma, head and neck cancer, sarcomas, neuroblastoma and mesothelioma (a devastating lung cancer associated with asbestos exposure).  In these patients, SEPREHVIR can be administered by the route most suitable for their disease which includes systemic administration by intravenous infusion, direct intratumoral injection, and loco-regional infusion.  SEPREHVIR, which the company is interested in partnering for further development, is the first product from an active oncolytic immunotherapy platform technology (SEPREHVEC). VIRTTU’s in-house expertise has led to the development of techniques to rapidly engineer further therapeutic modalities into the SEPREHVIR backbone and VIRTTU now has a promising pipeline of next-generation clinical candidates. 

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